Jazzpel artists, jazz feel, real gospel music, and a very present nointing....Elisabeth Davis and The C.A.M.P (Christian Artist Ministering the Promise), are one of Dallas/Ft. Worth's up-and-coming "Kingdom Building" musicians hitting the gospel music scene. The group consists of individuals that are anointed both vocally and instrumentally. Elisabeth and The C.A.M.P’s main goal is clearly presented through their name: Christian Artist Ministering God's Promise and they do this to our dying world. Through jazz chords, very distinct harmony, and a unique sound that is out of this world, Elisabeth Davis and The C.A.M.P. have brought many to Christ, not only to know of His name but actually know Him and develop a long lasting relationship with the Father! Founder, writer, composer, arranger, all of that and more; Elisabeth Davis is the eighteenth child of eighteen children. There is nothing that she loves better than being a child of God! Having a strong Christian background, she walks with the Lord daily and yearns to please his name. Others can clearly see the anointing upon her life from over a mile away! She clearly displays all the fruit of the spirit!

She’s a singer/musician that loves all types of music but most passionate about Jazz (all forms).
Since the age of 2 her influences have been artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Nina Simon, Donnie Hathaway, and Billie Holiday. Her goal is to fuse Jazz with Gospel music and use this fusion to minister to the hurt, broken, and lost; which results in the form of music she entitles, Jazzpel. It’s the good news of God with a jazz twist, and she has been very successful in completing this goal! Elisabeth Davis and The C.A.M.P. have a contagious sound that really draws you in, and more importantly, makes you smile. It is time for many Christian artists to stop using the box as their crutch! They need to step out of that box, allow God to shape them, mold them, and make them into whatever He wants them to be. It's time to step out of the box to rule over it, and Elisabeth Davis and the C.A.M.P. are the fore runners of this complicated task! Be on the look-out for future projects from this sensational ministry; not only locally but globally! Thanks to you all for your support and love! Much love and many blessings.

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